Las Atlantis Casino Blackjack

Las Atlantis Casino Blackjack

Las Atlantis casino blackjack is an extremely popular game on this platform. Although it’s also a game of chance, blackjack requires skill. A skilled player has a higher chance of increasing their winning odds if they use a successful strategy. The house edge for blackjack is not more than 1%. That means a player has a higher chance of beating the house. 

Popular Blackjack Games to Play at Las Atlantis Casino 

  • Classic Blackjack 

Classic blackjack is a 52-card decks game. The 8 decks of this game are shuffled together before playing every hand. The dealer is supposed to hit with at least 16 or hit on soft 17. That’s the hand with an ace and totals of 7 or 17. The payment odds for the player that hits Blackjack are 3:2. A player loses the mandatory bet if their hand loses to blackjack. The optional bets like doubles and split are returned and pushed to a player. 

  • European Blackjack 

This is a unique variant of blackjack. It involves the player and the dealer. Every game comes with 2-8 card decks. There is no joker in this game. The goal is to have a hand of 21 or close to this number. Cards 2 to 9 are valued at face value while cards from ten to Ace are valued at ten points each. The value of the Ace is 1 or 11. 

The player gets 2 face-down cards. The dealer is given one card face up. The second dealer card is dealt once the player plays their hand. 

  • Blackjack + Perfect Pairs 

This is another blackjack variant that you can play at Las Atlantis casino. It allows the gambler to play an extra bet for covering the possibility of having the first 2 dealt cards being a pair. To win a side bet, players have to meet the requirements to get a mixed pair, a colored pair, or a perfect pair. You can only place a bet for Perfect Pairs on a table for the Perfect Pairs Blackjack. The house edge for this game is very low – only 0.49%. 

Other Las Atlantis blackjack variants include Suit ‘Em Up, Match Play 21, Super 21, and Face Up 21.